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RouteLogiX is the leading computer-aided solution to the problem of day-to-day route planning. The system is a computerised road map that will calculate the shortest, quickest and cheapest route between your journey start and destination. Travel from Johannesburg to Cape Town or from Pofadder to Piet Retief with the confidence knowing how far you are travelling, when you will arrive and how much the journey will cost.

RouteLogiX offers superb graphics - Maps are displayed in full colour and the precise area of the country that you want can be displayed with a couple of mouse clicks without the frustration of paper maps.


Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Map


Vehicle Scheduling Map with Itinerary

Sophisticated algorithms quickly calculate the optimum route to your destination, and provide a detailed itinerary of the roads to use, the distance covered and associated costs. The routes can then be displayed on the road map so that you can see exactly the route to take and then be printed out or saved as bitmap files for inclusion in presentations, etc.

RouteLogiX is based on intelligent vector map networks that use actual distances and road speeds. The system also knows the characteristics of the road such as whether it is a two-way or one-way road, etc. and whether it is in a rural, urban or inner city environment. Map-sets can be prepared as national urban and neighbouring state versions to suit your personal needs. Databases are currently available for South Africa, Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal and Southern Africa.

RouteLogiX caters for changing traffic patterns and road conditions by allowing the user the discretion to ban chosen roads or parts thereof, slow down or set preferred sections of roads and avoid certain areas by a given radius. The system also provides user definable speed variation by time of day to enable greater accuracy over rush hour journeys.

The end result using RouteLogiX is always the shortest, quickest or cheapest route and it's only a keystroke away.


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